Interactive business cards and profile pages
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Next generation interactive business cards and profile pages

Whether it's a digital business card, a personal profile or something more complex for business and personal use - we have the right solution.

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An attractive and easy to remember way for overall performance

People are more than a phone number on a piece of paper.

Be remembered and inspire others to learn more about you in a unique way.

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Optimised for both mobile devices and desktop

Custom-designed web-based service, adapted to be used on every screen.

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All in One

Present yourself & your business in a new, elegant and exciting way through a mix of media: text, music, voice, video, all combined into one engaging story.

Easy sharing

Have a quick access to your contacts: direct call, send an email, navigate to a selected location, link to your website, QR code for easy sharing.

Stay connected

Share links to all platforms and social networks you use in one place. Your customers get a complete overview of your online presence.


Juliana Silva


Thomas Schmidt


Anita Noble

Poet and translator

Nikolas Grey


Olivia Kerry


Dr. Adam Griff



Eco friendly alternative

Reduce your carbon footprint by digitizing your business cards.

NO APP, web-based solution

You don't need to install an app to share your information.

Unique identity

Be original, be different, be trendy and memorable…


Combine text, images, videos, 360° images and 3D models into an engaging presentation.

Saves time and resources

Quickly and memorably summarize and share the most important information for you.

Value for money

A complete interactive performance of you and your activities with just one product.


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The Digital business cards and profile pages created by us have an individual design, adapted to the personality, business and preferences of each of our clients. The work process includes:

1. To start a project with us, send an inquiry or choose a convenient day and time to meet with us online.

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